Guitar Hero 2 reaches 650,000 content downloads

GH2 Money MakerIn what appears to be the longest press release issued for a simple numbers statement, Activision informs us that downloadable song packs for the Xbox 360 are the most popular items in the Live Marketplace.

With micropayments becoming extremely popular for just about every company that likes money, it’s no surprise that Activision had the intention of releasing “song packs” as downloadable content on the Xbox Live marketplace. Most of the offerings are simply songs that were available in the first iteration of the game, with 3 songs per pack at a cost of $6.25 US, Activision would be looking at figures of over $4 million dollars. Granted, Microsoft probably has their cut, but that’s a whole lot of cash on top of funds raked in from retailers.

With the overwhelming success if this micropayment scheme, you can be sure that Guitar Hero 3 will take the formula and expand on it. It’s unfortunate that gamers have to pay ridiculous amount of cash (over $2 per song) to add more content to their games, but what’s even more absurd is how many gamers are actually doing it.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone if future versions of the game are sold without any songs included, leaning entirely on the successful cash cow that downloadable content has proven to be. You heard it here first. Full press release on the next page, for anyone thats interested.

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