Welcome back to EPO!

Brand Spankin' New!So, you’ve stumbled across this site once or twice, might have been disappointed that its no longer updated (I’ve had some feedback), and I had mentioned that when time permits, the site will be maintained once again. That time is now!

So, keeping with what EPO has done in the past, you’ll find:

  • Concise reviews that aren’t bloated with big words or “filler”.
  • News without the crap (stuff you actually care to read).
  • editorials regarding current events, trends, or just stuff no one talks about but us.
  • Coverage of any major event we attend, whether that be TGS (not this year, unfortunately), PAX, E3, GC, or anything else we happen to hit up.
  • Possibly some new ideas, we’ll get back to this once we’re on our feet and building steam.


So, welcome back.

- Don Komarechka,

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