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Posted by Don Komarechka under Uncategorized on January 8th, 2008.

Electric Pickle Online was founded in 2005 by Don Komarechka. If you’re curious about the name of the site, it relates to a science experiment depicted here. Our goal with this site is to provide you, the reader, with our opinions of the Video Game and PC industry. We may be biased, but they are our own biases, and are not for sale.

Most of the staff at EPO have been in the gaming industry prior to writing for this site, so you can expect our opinions to be informed. We cover anything of interest, current or not. If we think you need to know about it, it’ll be here. Advertisements will be at a minimum, because we’re not here to make money.

Reviews here are not ambiguous. Almost everyone that reads a review wants to know if the game or product is worth their money and “6.8″ just doesn’t tell people much. We’ll also tell you how much time we put into the game before reviewing it, so you can weigh our opinions as valid or not.

If you don’t like that, please go somewhere else.

Oh yeah, and we’re proudly Canadian.

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